our philosophy

A true designer is one who is passionate about the work he or she does. A person who cares about the client and their intention to get their dreams, visions and aspirations across to a target audience. One who works together with the client in the realisation of these dreams through excellent design of the material used for this purpose.

At heart'n'design, we aim to act as the bridge that links you with those you intend to reach. Carrying your message across in a clear and presentable manner that appeals to the visual senses, and the heart, thereby eliciting the desired response.

As a design service, with many years of working in the print industry, experience has shown that expertly designed and precise promotional material is vital if you wish to:

  • Boost awareness and raise the profile of your organisation, ministry or business.
  • Successfully market or sell your products and services.
  • Bring in the desired audience or participants you want at your events and programmes.